Weekend Rental

S1E143 - #143 - The Gamers Adore the 64

Episode Notes

This weekend, Andy asks where Pat Sajak is, Ryan goes on Patrol, and we tell an awful N64 Story.

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S1E142 - #142 - The Gamers Are Garbage

Episode Notes

With the holidays past us, we share our new toys, hit the jackpot at the arcade, and get grossed out with Garbage Pail Kids.

S1E141 - #141 - The Gamers Get Some Tail

Episode Notes

We recap the year with a reversal on Vampires, our favorite games of the year, and go an adventure with Sonic’s friends.

S1E140 - #140 - The Gamers Slink Around

Episode Notes

This week, Ryan brushes up on Atari History, Andy does a 180 on Pokemon, and we play with the world’s most dangerous slinky.

S1E139 - #139 - The Gamers Jump Off A Cliff

Episode Notes

Ryan escapes the walking dead, Andy is back on Monkey Island, and we dive off the cliff into hardcore sax.

S1E138 - #138 - The Gamers Get Weird

Episode Notes

We get weird with Harry Potter, remember some vintage Netflix, and play hero with a rocket powered rodent.

S1E137 - #137 - The Gamers Get It On Like Donkey Kong

This week we catch up with a few horror movies, get lost in the corn, explore strange new worlds, and puzzle our way to a fight with Donkey Kong.

S1E136 - #136 - The Gamers Get Tropical

We don’t care about the new slimes and are indifferent to the Blink 182 lineup. Plus, we take a tropical vacation to the stars.

#135 The Gamers Have A Type

And that type is R

Show Notes

This week we both went on a child-free vacation, Ryan is Grounded, and we tackle the shooter mainstay – R-Type

#134 - The Gamers Join Farmers Only

We discuss the new Evercade EXP, the new Nintendo Farm Report, and spoil the game Immortality
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