Weekend Rental

#128 - The Gamers Think Small

This episode we talk all about the mini consoles that were all the rage, Ryan's vacation so far, and our wonderful Father's day weekends. Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code RENTAL at MANSCAPED.com! #ad #manscapedpod

#127 - The Gamers Get Prehistoric

We roll back the years and decipher the best Bonk game, Things get Stranger on Netflix, and the bombshell at Giant Bomb. Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code RENTAL at MANSCAPED.com! #ad #manscapedpod

#126 - The Gamers Get Chippy

Ryan and Andy watched the new reference-filled Rescue Rangers, snack on some bugs, and a quiz of 90s cartoons

#125 - The Gamers Have One Heck Of A Time

We talk about our experiences and nemesis from this years MGC, ARK Survival has failed, and game collecting in a flood plain.

#124 - The Gamers Played Atari Today

We picked up a couple of Atari VCS on firesale and had quite a first impression. We try to survive ARK and Ryan attends Comic Con.

#123 - The Gamers Knuckle Up

Ryan and Andy saw the Sonic 2 movie and have lots to discuss. We also close the book on Generation Zero and open a new Kirby game.

#122 - The Gamers Go On A Rampage

It's a double dose of quizzes today about video game ratings and game movies. Plus we find the common denominator of Jackass films.

#121 - The Gamers Are In Another Castle

We do the undoable with a Buy, Rent, Burn of classic Mario games, discuss some turtles, and go to the mayor.

#120 - The Gamers Go On A Quest

We got a pair of new Quest 2 headsets, Nintendo is shutting down some stores, and we find out who is the true 90's kid.

#119 - The Gamers Are Tickled Pink

We discuss the new Nintendo Direct, Kirby's new mouth skills, and the end of the Amico? Learn how to intimidate pre-teens. Plus emails!
2022 Weekend Rental Podcast