Weekend Rental

S1E138 - #138 - The Gamers Get Weird

Episode Notes

We get weird with Harry Potter, remember some vintage Netflix, and play hero with a rocket powered rodent.

S1E137 - #137 - The Gamers Get It On Like Donkey Kong

This week we catch up with a few horror movies, get lost in the corn, explore strange new worlds, and puzzle our way to a fight with Donkey Kong.

S1E136 - #136 - The Gamers Get Tropical

We don’t care about the new slimes and are indifferent to the Blink 182 lineup. Plus, we take a tropical vacation to the stars.

#135 The Gamers Have A Type

And that type is R

Show Notes

This week we both went on a child-free vacation, Ryan is Grounded, and we tackle the shooter mainstay – R-Type

#134 - The Gamers Join Farmers Only

We discuss the new Evercade EXP, the new Nintendo Farm Report, and spoil the game Immortality

#133 - The Gamers Go Super Saiyan

We spend some time with Goku in the theater and Fortnite, Ryan picked up the TMNT collection, and Andy had a fraudulent A&W experience.

#132 - The Gamers Are Ready To Prey

Ryan and Andy recap the exciting events of a metalcore concert and hammering nails with the wrong side. Plus a ton of movies!

#131 - The Gamers Join The Academy

We removed all the grime from Power Wash Simulator, the warmth of our chicken sandwich, and any chance of escaping this Lego diorama.

#130 - The Gamers Are Spraying With Power

We dive deep into all the joys and frustrations of power washing, fish fatherhood, and large and busy kid's play places.

#129 - The Gamers Kick The Tires

The podcast turns 5 years old and we have plenty of memories and gratitude to share. We've also seen some strange doctors and things, and played some TMNT.
2022 Weekend Rental Podcast